The publication timetable

  1. The articles and source materials are received day by day.
  2. Within 2 months the Editors inform the Author about the initial review’s result and decision to transfer it to the reviewers.
  3. The reviewer has 2 months to complete his review.
  4. Within 2 weeks the Editors pass the reviewers’ comments to the Author and inform about acceptance or rejection.
  5. The Author has 2 weeks to respond to the reviewers’ comments or to proofread the text.
  6. The text is published as soon as possible, according to the publishing cycle of the journal. The Author is informed about the time of publication.
  7. The violations of time-limits by the Author delay the publication.
  8. The Editors considers the publication of thematic or occasional issues. Specific announcements will be placed in advance on the journal website.