The reviewing procedure

The Editors inform that the procedure of reviewing follows the directions formulated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in “Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce” (Good practices in reviewing procedures in science) available here:

The course of reviewing process

  1. The Editors initially verify a received article as formally consistent with the editorial requirements and fitting the profile of the journal.
  2. When the article is rejected, the Author is immediately informed about it. However, if the Author makes proper corrections in time given by the Editors, the text can be accepted to further review.
  3. After the introductory verification the Editors proceed with external review. The article is sent to chosen reviewers not belonging to the Editors circle.
  4. Each article is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.
  5. The Editors choose reviewers according to their merits and soundness.
  6. The Editors do their best to make sure that reviewers are not interconnected with the Authors in any way potentially affecting the honesty and objectivity of review, be it professional dependence or having close personal or family relationships.
  7. The potential reviewer has to evaluate his/her ability to prepare the review in time given by the Editors.
  8. If any conflict of interests occurs or can be suspected, the reviewer is obliged to inform the Editors about it.
  9. The Editors restrain themselves from probing or pressing the reviewer while preparing their contract as well as working on the review.
  10. The Editors secure confidentiality and anonymity. The identity of the Author is not revealed to the reviewers and – vice versa – the identity of reviewers is not known to the Author (double-blind procedure). Only the review comments are transferred.
  11. The review is prepared in writing and concludes with a clear declaration whether the article is accepted or conditionally accepted for publication or rejected.
  12. The Editors claim the possibility to choose additional reviewers in debatable cases.
  13. The Authors receive the comments of reviewers and the Editors.
  14. The Authors have a right to respond to comments received, especially when they disagree with their relevance. After reconsidering comments they view as relevant, the Authors deliver a corrected text within 14 days.
  15. After being accepted for publication, the article is edited and proofread to be sent to the Author for the final correction.
  16. The final decision concerning publication belongs to the Editors.